The Tasting Rooms / Guinness Storehouse
client Bompas & Parr / Diageo / date Aug 2013
The aim here was to create the best place in the world to taste Guinness.  The result, by Bompas & Parr is The Tasting Rooms: a series of rooms and corridors that envelopes you in the world, taste and ingredients of Guinness.  A minimalist, impressive orchestral work greets you in the entrance corridor, giving way to the Fountain of Truth.  Ratting of pipes, whooshing of fast, cold air and harp notes set the tone for this science and mystery themed room.  The velvet chamber is entirely different.  I based the sound of this space around a drone which to me warms up the space by a few degrees.  I haven't tested this empirically yet, but it'd be nice to do an experiment into various sounds and their effect on perceived temperature.