Standing Pat / The Dixie Ticklers
date Sep 2012
A hugely important band for me is my New Orleans ensemble The Dixie Ticklers.  We try and play the old music with new creativity and arrange things our way with reverence paid to the historic styles.  It's where I often test out new material that I can draw on for other projects.

Dom James - clarinet, vocals Will Rixon - trumpet Nick Costley-White - guitar Tommy Antonio - bass, vocals Daoud Merchant - drums Zands - percussion Recorded at Fishfactory Studios, engineered by Benedic Lamdin, produced by Dom James.

'Intelligent yet playful sextet… they're sure to win converts.'  Clive Davis, The Sunday Times

'The band manages to bring in a deep scholarly understanding of New Orleans and Dixieland jazz without letting it undermine their enthusiasm for performing, and they manage to bring a contemporary London edge to the music while being true to its origins. They represent a fresh re-invention driven by joy.'  Peter Bacon, The Jazz Breakfast

'Lively and life-affirming, Standing Pat is intelligent but without pretension. It's also a whole lot of fun, of which there is far too little on today's jazz scene.' Chris Mosey,

'Their music combines a love of traditional Dixieland jazz styles with the sophistication of modern musical ideas whilst retaining the essential joie de vivre of New Orleans music.'  Ian Mann -

Standing Pat / The Dixie Ticklers