Sony multisensory dinner
client Sony UK / Bompas & Parr / Hope & Glory

This multisensory dining experience for Sony involved composition, sound design and programming of various equipment.  

My job as a 'sonic sommelier' was to compose music that complemented the various tastes and flavours from the menu with research drawn primarily from Charles Spence's crossmodal laboratory at Oxford University.

Other highlights for me for the design of a 'sonic signature' device that converted our most personal visual device into a musical representation.

How can we link sound to our most personal of scribbles - our signature?

By linking a dynamic dot matrix synthesiser and an electronic stylus, we can create musical representations of our signature. When played from the SONY (model no.) speakers, each person will broadcast a truly unique musical hallmark which varies in both pitch and time.

In fact, so sensitive is the human ear to minute changes in pitch that the sonic signature may carry more distinction than the original drawing.  Could this method be used to identify us to those that cannot see or as a way of identifying ourselves to other species in the animal kingdom or even for extra terrestrial communication.

Sony multisensory dinner