Britten in Brooklyn
director Oli Rose / producer Jimmy Jewell, Positive Entertainment / venue Wilton's Music Hall
Britten in Brooklyn

In a new play by Zoe Lewis, Ruby Bentall, David Burnett, Sadie Frost, John Hollingsworth and Ryan Sampson starred in this great production at Wilton’s Music Hall.  Working out a score primarily from Britten’s first Sea Interlude from Peter Grimes (Dawn), I was able to conjur the sound for this pay about Britten’s time in Brooklyn during WW2.  The main technical challenge here was to make the piano on stage appear as though it was being played by Britten (Ryan Sampson, a brilliant singer, did a great job on air piano too).  It was a great introduction for me too to Britten’s four cabaret songs that he had written a few years earlier.  Turns out a huge sub woofer behind a shaky wooden slatted stage makes for a great ships engine sound design.

Design by Cecilia Carey, Lighting by Peter Harrison.

  • a slight of quirky, funny writing with strong performances and clever pacing
    **** The Upcoming
  • The piece’s greatest strength is its setting against the glorious environment of Wilton’s Music Hall, where the boundaries between set and venue are practically non-existent.
    London Theatre
  • A superb young cast, directed by Oli Rose, captures beautifully the bizarre encounters and surreal incidents, as well as the deeper emotional passages.
    **** The Reviews Hub